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Hello, I’m Antje von Seydlitz, a counselling practicum student who is qualified to practice under clinical supervision. I am registered as a student member with the BCACC (British Columbia Association of Clinical Counsellors) and have a unique background in teaching, coaching, and high-performance sport. 

My journey as an Olympian has taught me how to deal with both triumphs and setbacks and I understand the mental fortitude required to overcome obstacles.

I believe in taking a holistic, client centered approach that is adapted to meet your unique needs. My hope is to work alongside you to help you deal with life’s stressors and achieve your mental wellness goals in a compassionate and culturally appropriate manner. I believe you have the inner strength you need to find new ways to adapt, heal, and thrive.

Antje offers a free 15-minute virtual consultation.  This is an opportunity for you to meet her and try virtual therapy to see if this would be a good fit for you. Reach out to us today for your free 15-minute virtual consultation.

Image by Diego Gennaro
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