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Therapy Sessions for
Work and Career Issues

Nurturing Mental Health

Employers play a crucial role in supporting the mental health of their employees. Supporting mental health at work not only benefits employees but also contributes to higher job satisfaction, engagement, and overall organizational success.

Normalizing Mental Health at Work

One of the key aspects of promoting mental health is fostering an environment that acknowledges and supports the well-being of people like you. 

How Employers Can Foster Mental Health

Preventing employees from needing mental health leave involves creating a supportive and mentally healthy work environment. We offer some strategies employers can implement to promote mental well-being and reduce the likelihood of employees requiring extended time off for mental health reasons.

Working with a Therapist to Help Cope with Stress from Work

Working with a therapist can be incredibly beneficial in coping with stress from work. We offer some ways your therapist can support you in managing work-related stress.

What if I have questions?

If you need help setting up a roadmap to wellness plan, please contact us and set up an appointment with Tracy - she specializes in helping people like you get back to wellness and get back to work.

You can send us a message, email us, or give us a call at 236-423-0077 ext. 101

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